Friday, August 01, 2008

Updated layout and functionality

Violet took this picture. I gave her a small point-and-shoot that we have laying around here and she started taking pictures of mostly her fingers. She then got really excited because everything was on the little TV in the back of the camera.

My favorite part about this picture, is I am posing, but Lilly is looking at Violet as if saying, "Oh God. My big sister has a weird device and is pointing it at me... HELP!" That and I also noticed that Lilly and I have the same hairline.

I am playing around with a new blog template, and one of the features is a slideshow if you have a flickr account. So you might see that popping up here at some point. Also I can put a picture behind the title of the blog, so if I find time to play with Photoshop this weekend I will update that too. Can you say family photo shoot?

Went and saw The Dark Knight again today, even better on the second viewing. Not sure I agree with all the crazy fanboys that are saying it's better than Godfather II or even HEAT. It's good, probably my favorite superhero movie -- but I didn't care for the ending. Regardless, Heath Ledger as the Joker did an amazing job. When I heard he was going to play the Joker I thought for sure the movie was going to suck. I was wrong.

Well, the girls and Jen are watching Toy Story 2, and I am going to play with some photos for the blog.

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Fun in the Park, so I think the girls and I are going to a festival. Might take some photos and put them up tomorrow. I have to shoot it for the paper.


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