Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fence update

I had a busy weekend and was only able to get one more section up. I had Violet's birthday party, see pictures below or on the slide show at the upper left, and a bunch of freelance stuff to get done.

I have three sections left -- well two and a half -- and I have six sections done. I am thinking about getting some help next weekend and just finishing it off. We also had someone come over and cut all the bushes off a the ground. The stumps are still there, but they are pretty close to the dirt. The Rhodie is still out there, I couldn't get it in this shot.

After this project I think I am going to start painting inside the house. We may do a few more yard projects before the rain comes, but once it starts raining I think we are saving any more improvements outside until it dries out.

Well, I have some stories to write...


Happy Birthday Violet

Violet had a good birthday party, she turns 5 this week. About four of her friends showed up at Safari Sam's in Sherwood, a former grocery store that was converted into an arcade, jungle gym and put-put golf course.

Friday night we spent having Violet practice blowing out candles, so at the party Saturday, before we could sing, she would blow out the candles. If she saw flame, puff!

Lots of princesses, clothes and puzzles. Had a lot of fun!

Oh and my dad hit the ice cream cake a little hard -- and was dancing on tables with a tiara.


Friday, August 28, 2009

These are not the droids you are looking for

Lilly and Violet got back from swimming Wednesday and took a shower. This is Lilly after the shower -- she looked like a Jedi! Or a Jawa without the glowing red eyes.

She has the voice of a Jawa. So maybe she is a Jawa. I will have to watch Star Wars again to make a determination.

I have a bunch of work to do this weekend and we are having a big birthday bash for Violet on Saturday at Safari Sams in Sherwood. The kids love it there and a bunch of Violet's school mates are going to be attending.

Should be fun. Now, if can keep Lilly from screaming tonight -- she is grumpy -- it will be a miracle. Tough week at work, and I am a bit fried. Six stories in two days. Not bad.

Well, off to find someplace quiet.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday hanging with the girls

Today is a nice quiet day at home. Cindy opted to stay at home and sit in my chair to help her back -- the heat and massager help I guess. So she is working and the girls and I are running around having fun.

I was up too late last night working, and the girls got us up at about 7 a.m. Ouch. My own darn fault. So when they go to swimming I may try to catch a nap (around 6 p.m.). Or I may get caffeinated.

Well, I think Lilly is trying to bite Violet again. Better run.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Too much fence, not enough kids

Two posts in a row about a dumb fence? Let's change that!

That's a 2007 picture of Violet in the Raiders hat I found that I like. Anyway, I couldn't sleep tonight and figured why not post some photos!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fence day 2

Section two of the fence went up this morning. The next section requires me to replace a post, so I am saving that for next weekend, since I only have one section painted and I would have to put up two. I am out of paint, so I need to get paint.

If you look at the top picture you will see I have a little bow in the fence, so I'm not real happy about that, but it's sturdy, so I guess it's OK.

No injuries yet, which is amazing, and I am crediting any success I am having with this project on the fact I bought a Carhart hat I am wearing when I work on the fence.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

My first "major" home improvement project



The before is the other end of the fence. The after is what I put up after a section fell over back in March during a wind storm. This is a major accomplishment for me -- and no trip to the hospital (I have my insurance co-pay in my wallet just in case).

Well, here is the deal. I got a C in woodshop in middle school. They kicked me out of metal shop in high school. When I worked at a truckstop, there are many, many stories of my high jinx about being a total and utter clutz. By the time I turned 25, I realized that I have very, very limited skill when it comes to anything to do with building, hammering, leveling or working with my hands at all.

So, as a homeowner, I have relied on my wife and parents and in-laws to help me out. Recently I put in a garbage disposal on my own -- my wife did help a bit on that one -- and last month I put up new lights in the bathroom by myself. I think those two projects gave me a false sense of security, because I looked at the fence and decided to take it on.

My fence I think is the original 1980s fence, and it has seen better days. At the end of the winter we had a wind storm and part of it blew over, and so I waited for the neighbor to fix it. He has a fishing boat so I figured he was more of a do-it-yourselfer than I am.

Three months past and no fence.

So I decided to bite the bullet and take it on. Last weekend I bought the wood -- Canby Builder's Supply rocks and is less expensive than Home Depot believe it or not -- and started staining the boards. Today I decided to put up one section of the new fence. I have eight sections total to do.

My first big decision was to leave the existing posts, because they seem to be in pretty good shape. I also opted to use screws instead of nails, because that's what my next door neighbor did. Plus you get me an a hammer together and only bad things happen.

So there is the first section. Now I figure I will put up a section a week -- and stain the next section, letting it dry for the week before I put it up. Today I may stain two sections and see if I can't do that next weekend. Maybe might even put up a section tomorrow.

Honestly, I have no clue what I am doing, but I am bright enough to use my level to try to make things look semi-right.

No hospital trip today, believe it or not. I will keep you informed.

Oh and give props to Cindy for tearing out an Oregon Grape stump that was pretty nasty so I could get in and do the fence.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every Monday and Wednesday the girls go swimming. Normally, since I would just sit and watch in the stuffy pool, I take the hour they are gone as nice quiet time at home. I read or play video games or just enjoy a quiet house while doing chores.

I have a couple of freelance assignments shooting photos for the chamber directories in Canby and Woodburn, so I took tonight as an opportunity to shoot some pool photos. I took several of other people, but figured while I was there I would also get some new shots of the girls swimming. I have some of Cindy and Lilly together, but I was informed that if I posted any photos of Cindy in a swim suit I would forfeit the rest of my life.

I tend to believe these threats.

So, I am sneaking one in on danger to life and limb, the others will have to remain in our private collection not for the Internets.

Hope all is well,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Biker gang

Today we took the kids out in the sprinkles and rode bikes. OK, well Lilly would basically walk around her little bike and Violet is still learning to ride hers.

It's good to get out and walk around the track and get outside. I love the rain. LOVE IT! It means my allergies will back off a little bit.

Violet is turning into a pretty good little bike rider, for her third time out. I'm sure she will be flying around in no time.

Well, off to help Violet and Jen figure out Viva Pinata on the Xbox.

UPDATE: I just figured out how to do slideshows on Flickr for each post. So just click it to see the photos, and click it again to see the large photos on the Flickr site.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fun at Wilsonville Town Center

IMG_2825, originally uploaded by Canby Chacal.

We went to a birthday party in Wilsonville today and the girls played in one of the water park.