Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be good so you can go potty!

Lilly was a nightmare last night ... cry cry cry... seriously, what does she have to worry about? We aren't crack addicts... we feed her, change her, she has so many toys we were considering hiring Richard Pryor to be a toy before he passed away.

UPDATE: I figured out how to have links open in new windows, so feel free to click the links now and you won't navigate away from this page -- from posts from now on. Yes, it's midnight and I had a very long day, but still found time to increase my HTML skills yo! :)

Anyway, I have a lovely wife who let me sleep three hours this morning, so I am feeling great (seriously). After you don't get sleep with having two kids, any uninteruppted sleep over two hours feels like heaven.

Normally when I leave the house, Violet yells to the entire neighborhood: "Have a good day Daddy, I love you." Today she mixed it up a bit and included: "Have a good day Daddy, I love you. Be good so you can go potty!"

Thank goodness I left late and everyone had gone to work.

It does give me some great punishment ideas though... "You were bad -- you can't go potty now." Muhahahaha.

Tomorrow is a zoo trip for Violet, Zoo Grandma (my mom) and me! Woo hoo. I might even take some pictures, if you are lucky.


Parenting tip for the day: Mountain Dew (or Red Bull) is your friend.

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