Saturday, August 30, 2008

Let the celebration begin!

It's like the Olympic opening ceremonies, the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention all rolled into one with a princess theme!

That's right, THE event of the year is here -- the weekend of Violet's birthday. Friday night, Jen just didn't want to wait for the party today, so here is Violet's new Bella Dress. This afternoon relatives and friends will invade our home -- much like Democrats invaded Denver this past week -- and the Violet celebration will hit a frenzied pace.

Oh, and my pride has told me I have to inform you that the last couple of pictures have been done with a cheap point-and-shoot, so if the quality is off, that's the reason. The flash on that thing is wicked (a word I picked up in Boston) harsh.

OK, so to make sure we don't forget about Lilly, here is a little video I took last night. Don't worry, Cindy was right there holding her. Well I am getting the stink eye for not helping clean, better run before I get a frying pan (dirty) to the head.

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