Saturday, August 09, 2008

High tea

Here we have Lilly enjoying herself at high tea today in Tillamook, at a little shop called La Tea Da.

Today we packed up the van, picked up Jen and drove over to the coast. Of course the one weekend day we want to enjoy the coast, it blows like crazy and rains on us. A rainy day at the coast is better than ANY day at work, so it was still a good time.

Here are a few things we learned today:

1. Girls stink at the "spot the blue tarp" game. At some point in my travels I learned of a "blue tarp" game when going to the Oregon coast. The rules are simple, you count the number of blue tarps that you see on sheds, cars, and roofs. The person with the highest count wins. Cindy gave up and started counting Unicorns, which leads us to lesson No. 2

2. Unicorns would be good at eating fondu. Of course feeding themselves would be a little rough. But with that horn, the would be all pros at fondu.

3. Fishcrackers are fun to eat, because they smell like stinky feet! Made up songs are the best.

4. When driving over bumps, you must say "Stay on target" (from the Star Wars trench run). Violet is Red 4 and Daddy is Red 5 (standing by).

5. Netarts sounds like Retards, which is what we think of people who camp (yes, I am looking at you Jen).

6. Boys don't live in castles, but Daddy says they live in fortresses of destruction. Girls make castles in the sand, while boys make FORTRESSes of DESTRUCTION (which Violet destroys when Daddy turns his back).

7. Lilly is a Johnson, because at the Tillamook Cheese Factory she really wanted Daddy's ice cream (but Mommy stopped Daddy from feeding her some with her patented Cindy Karate Chop

Well, that about covers the lessons we learned today.


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What a cute picture! cute cute...auntie Jan who is anonymous because she is too lazy to sign in