Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crawling lesson


Hi, allergy season is here and I am sneezing and "drizzling" like CRAZY.

OK, so yesterday I was at home with the girls with nothing to do but get high on decongestants. I broke out the video camera and we had some fun. I have more Violet stories and Violet and Lilly playing and the next few days I will roll them out.

Here is Violet trying to teach Lilly how to crawl -- kinda.

Sorry about the heavy breathing, but I can't breath through my node, err, nose right now.

Tonight we took Violet to her back to school night and next week she is going to school four days a week. I'm sad. No more days with Violet and Lilly just hanging out and having adventures -- like walking 25 miles.

Violet was born just after the age deadline. Even though she will be 4 for the entire year, she will be in the 3-year-olds preschool. Lame. So the teacher said we could sign her up for both -- there are all boys and no girls so I think that has something to do with it -- and that's how a two-day a week preschool turned into four days!

I think we are going to play hooky a few times this year to visit the zoo or beach. :) Heck, the four-year-old preschool meets three times a week, so I don't think it will hurt if we miss a day every now and then. My plan is to see how it goes, and if Violet is getting too tired, then we will probably go back to two-days a week.

It's a really nice pre-school with a lot of structure and even time learning letters and stuff. Heck, I thought pre-school was glorified daycare, but this place really does the lessons.

Well, my head is about ready to 'splode, so I am going to go take a hot shower and lay in bed with the heating pad. You kind of ignore the pressure once you get used to it.

Gotta run, tomorrow is going to be crazy work day for me... and that's all I am saying about work. :)

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