Monday, August 25, 2008


"Oh no! Violet has a chainsaw!"

So I was going through pictures today and I came across this one. It's perfect.

I have been posting a lot of pictures of Violet lately and wanted to make sure Lilly got some love. Plus with V's birthday this weekend -- I wanted to make sure Lilly isn't left out on here.

Lilly wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking. It's very interesting to watch her try to walk when you play with her. She will grab your hands, pull herself up and then start dancing -- moving her feet and hips.

The kids are being good today and Jen is over -- which always makes things easy -- I am trying to get some work done so this week won't be too bad. Due to the holiday all of my deadlines are moved up... ick.

Anyway, back to the salt mines. :)


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Melissa said...

OMG this picture is *so funny!* I can't stop looking at it and laughing, laughing. Thanks for that!