Monday, August 11, 2008

Family work-at-home day

Today our entire family stayed home. Cindy and I both needed to work, no one was available to babysit, so we both stayed home and tag teamed the kids. It worked out pretty well for me -- I was on the phone most of the day and hid out in the bedroom.

Yes, that's right, I stayed in bed all day making phone calls, taking notes on my laptop and figuring out some information for my real job at the Wilsonville Spokesman. :)

When Cindy had a meeting I came out and played with the kids and made lunch. Violet and I played catch with a stuffed ball. She started with a nice stuffed 20-sided dice, but then switched (without me noticing) to a hard stuffed bowling ball with a bell inside. She was throwing heat too, as it clobbered me in the head.

Anyway, tomorrow my dad is coming over to help and I should be able to get my freelance stuff done tomorrow if all goes well. I just need some "official" type of people to call me and I am good to go.

Well, I guess I should exit the bedroom and see if Lilly finally went to sleep or if Cindy had to hold her. I can hold her and let Cindy work until people start calling me back.

Anyway, time to get out of bed.

Not bad, getting up at 3 p.m.

"Time to get up," Alfred
"Alfred, bats are noctural!" Bruce Wayne
"Master Wayne, even for a billionaire playboy, 3 O-Clock is pushing it," Alfred, Batman Begins

Yes, geek moment. Sorry


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