Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday party!!!

Above we have the original party animal and to the right we have Violet playing in a new bed cover that someone got her.

Thanks to all who came and ate cake and ice cream and gave Violet gifts. Today she spent the day playing with a sticker book, and we put up the bed net -- at least now she won't get Malaria. :)

She loves her gifts. Note to self: The age of four seems to be when kids really start to understand what a birthday is.

If you click the slideshow in the upper lefthand corner there, you can see a number of the photos that I took at the party (that turned out). I upgraded my Flickr account, so I am going to be posting more and more photos there.

In other news, I cleaned the master bedroom today, and put a little office in there. Now when I work from home and someone watches the kids, I won't have to stay in bed. I also cleaned off my desk in the main part of the house, and Cindy can work from there now. She can also use the little desk in the bedroom if she wants.

Quite a bit of work going through stuff today, but it looks a lot less cluttered and I'm pretty happy with the setup.

Tomorrow the girls, Jen and my Mom are going to the zoo again. They are leaving at 7:30 a.m. to get there early. I'm not sure I want to go, although I might just to take pictures, I am still debating...

We will see how much sleep I get tonight.


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