Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forgive me

OK, every now and then my inner geek gets the best of me.

You guys remember the Batman versus Iron Man movie, or the Asteroids! game I posted on here.

Well today I have something new.

Michael Phelps is no longer swimming, and frankly, I just can stand gymnastics (NOT A SPORT!)... so I turned off the Olympic coverage that I wasn't going to watch in the first place and checked my e-mail.

Of course that turned into surfing aimlessly around the Internet, and I came across this gem.

That's right kids... someone made all the buildings in the Beijing Olympic Games in LEGO! Above is "The Birds Nest" in those cool plastic blocks.

Normally I wouldn't trust a UK paper to tell me the sky is blue, let alone give me any actual news -- but there are pictures. Glorious pictures.

Where did my parents put my LEGOS?

Violet and Lilly coverage will continue tomorrow, if I don't find my LEGOS.

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