Friday, August 29, 2008

Going to the zoo

Today Violet, my mom, and I went to the Oregon Zoo. We decided to take the MAX train up there and had a really good time. We opted to leave Lilly at home -- because let's be honest, the kid won't remember a thing about the trip and the stroller would be a big old hassle.

Our primary reason for going up was to see if they were going to let the new baby elephant out for the public to see it. Turns out, they didn't (but are on starting tomorrow, of course). But we still have a great time. There were a lot of people there, being the Friday of a holiday weekend and all, but we had a great time.

Violet did great and didn't have any tantrums (she normally doesn't) and we left after about 2 hours of wandering around. Above we have a photo and a video. I will add some more video below. They might take a bit to load, as we are going to have three videos at around 7 megs each. I am trying to talk Cindy into a new little camera that has better video and photo quality, but I'm not in a rush until Lilly gets older.

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