Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well I ended up working most of the day Saturday, with a Bobbie "The Wonder Dog" Day in Silverton, a Swing Fling in Mount Angel to raise money for the band program in Mount Angel and trying to find information on a plane crash.

Three of the guys in the plane were from my coverage areas, which always makes it fun Monday morning. Tonight I called the sister of the man from Silverton and did a telephone interview. The funeral is on Wednesday and I am waiting to see if my editor thinks that's something we should cover.

Sunday also was a day where Violet made a huge mess in her bed. All I will say is that we ended up washing sheets, toys and even the comforter, which exploded in the dryer -- so there are feathers everywhere in our garage.

Speaking of feathers, I was working on the computer when I noticed something out the window. A hawk! I think it's a hawk anyway. I went outside to take some pictures and the darn thing wouldn't leave. It just sat there like it was saying, "What are you gonna do? Try something."

Cindy goes back to work in a week, so we are both pretty uptight about that.

Oh and my dad (Tom) turns 70 tomorrow... Happy Birthday DAD!

OK, I have stories to write...

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Busy week

Here we are on Wednesday, and I have already worked 30 hours this week -- and I took half of today off.

I came home this afternoon and Cindy raced off to have a massage and chiro appointment. While she was gone, Lilly started fussing. I was rocking Lilly while Violet was playing with her dolls. Lilly wouldn't stop fussing and so Violet walks up to me and very matter of factly says:

"Daddy, you need give Lilly your boob."

Um, wow.

I explained that I was Daddy and that wouldn't help Lilly, only Mommys can do that.

She thought about that for awhile and walked away. At that point Cindy came home and I was safe.

Never a dull moment around here. The pipes under the kitchen sink started leaking, so Cindy went to work. Every time I try to do plumping I end up with Old Faithful, so Cindy doesn't let me touch pipes anymore. She is going to Ace Hardware tomorrow to find out if we need a new part or something.

As far as I am concerned, with the garbage disposal down there and everything, it looks like a device in a nuclear power plant -- I will not touch it.

I say call a plumber.

But that's me.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ok, Ok!

Can you tell I went back to work? See now if you want this blog to continue, you can just send donations so I can stay home from work and take pictures and write on here all day.

Anyway, Violet likes kissing her little sister and rubbing her like a cat.

Violet quotes about her sister so far:

"Lilly is crying, I will step on her head."

"Does Lilly want back in Mommy's tummy?"

"We both go to time out?"

"Can I color Lilly?"

So, we are having fun, Lilly still won't sleep in her crib, which is making things interesting around here. Good thing I am used to sleeping on the couch. Cindy goes back to work on Feb. 19 and at that point we will see how things are going to work.

Well, I have to go read Violet a book -- Bears and Chairs for the 56,000,000 time. :)