Monday, September 01, 2008

A sad day

Today Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas was decommissioned. Cindy and I often talked of visiting it before we had kids. Guess that isn't going to happen.

After a horrible first date between the two of us -- it's a long story -- Cindy stole the stereo and TPed my car, back in the day before we were dating. Yes, another long story.
So once I figured out she was responsible for the theft, she offered to make me dinner to apologize. I came over and she made a great meal, and then wanted me to see some Star Trek posters in her room, which led to our first kiss.

Which proves, for geeks, there is nothing sexier than a 5-foot wide cutout of the Enterprise-D on an apartment wall.

Anyway, without Star Trek, she wouldn't have invited me to her room, and no smooch, which would have led to no dating, no wedding, no Violet, no Lilly and no broken ribs (OK I am kidding).

So, for our family anyway, today was a sad day. At least there was a Star Trek marathon on Sci-Fi today.

We are getting ready for Violet's first day of school tomorrow, so gotta run.

More photos tomorrow.


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