Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A walk and a request

I have had a request to put more wedding pictures online, and while I took these for Jim and Carrie, I am resistant because I know they are private people.

So I am going to post wedding photos of my girls and when the two love birds get back, I will find out if they mind me posting more of their wedding shots. I don't want to violate their privacy. That said, here is a picture of Carrie and Violet. :) Yes, I am evil. I like this photo but the chairs behind them really bug me.

As far as the mirror picture is concerned, do you have any idea how hard it is to hang off of a staircase, take pictures of people in a mirror, get all of them in the picture and NOT be in the picture? Plus the lighting in that place was like a closet. It's crooked, but I like the expression. I think it's OK for someone who normally just points his camera at the fire and snaps away...

Walk-about Wednesday
Today was my second full days with the girls, I did a little work -- I wrote four e-mails to get some appointments set -- and then we were off. I decided that since Cow Grandma and Zoo Grandma go walking all the time, I was going to show them how it is done.

I laced up my walking shoes, strapped Lilly in the front of our HOT PINK stroller and took off, with Violet following on foot. My goal was to go from my house on the southwest side of Canby, to the Logging Road Walking Path and follow that to the bridge that goes over highway 99E. I have no clue how far it is, but Cindy thinks it's about a six mile round trip.

And I did it. Barely.

Oh, I am in shape -- the shape of a small planetoid. In fact, my favorite quote from Star Wars is when Obi Wan says as they approach an exploded Alderan, "That's no moon. It's Pat!" Anyway, Violet made it one mile, and then wanted to ride. So we did a fire drill and got everyone situated and then I pushed them the rest of the way.

Yes, I have lived in Canby for nearly a decade and still found a way to make a wrong turn on the way back. You know you have walked too far when the bottom of your feet start hurting. I got laughed at a couple of times with guys in pickup trucks driving by seeing a grown man in a Oakland Raiders hat pushing a hot pink stroller. I wanted the black one. But noooo.

"We have girls!" is what Cindy always says.
"Oh, then let me just flush my manhood down the toilet when I push this thing," is what I am thinking.

Sure, I might have staggered home, and I am really stiff now, but next time, the pink stroller is staying home. I will take the single-seat blue one and have Violet ride on my shoulders when she gets tired.


Because, I'm stupid. :)



Melissa said...

Hmm, I think the chairs give the photo a good sense of place.

And Ha! to the walk story!

Jan said...

what chairs? and take the pink stroller...who cares?