Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Seven: Boston

I will admit that last night, I tried to talk Cindy out of going to Boston. I kept hearing horror stories about how hard it was to drive in, how parking was a nightmare, and I was concerned that I was going to ding up the rental.

After talking a bit about it, we opted to drive in instead of take the train, and it was really quite easy with my GPS and some basic directions Cindy got online. I reminded me of driving into Portland, only with way ruder drivers. One guy just wouldn't let us change lanes, it could have been the New York plates on the cah, um, sorry car. (Little Boston accent humor there).

We went to the Boston Commons and Boston Public Garden -- a big area kind of like Central Park in New York. It was cool, there were swan boats that people could ride on, so the girls jumped on and I took their picture as they went under a bridge.

That was the only thing on our to do list that Cindy had cooked up, so we walked around, the weather was great, and just kind of looked around. We didn't do the Freedom Trail because when the girls are in school we want to do it with them. We searched for a place to have lunch, survived two Violet meltdowns (someone hasn't been getting naps) and decided to just eat fast food. So we had bagel sandwiches at this Bagel Fanegal place. It was OK.

The parking was under the park, so we went back to the park and ate lunch in the grass -- ok, the plants that Boston calls grass -- and Violet fed the birds. Very fun. I have a video down below of Violet feeding the birds, very cute.

We jumped back in the car and headed out, getting out of Boston (we had no clue where we were going to get out) was a pretty simple task, and had I known it was this easy we probably would have spent two days in the city. But at least this trip we got to see a bunch of Massachusetts.

Tomorrow will be a travel day, so I doubt there will be any photos or blog entries until after 10 p.m. if at all. Tonight we are going to dinner with Carrie, Jim, Larry and Karen. Our flight leaves at 1 p.m. tomorrow and we won't get to Portland until after 9 p.m. -- then it will be after 10 before we get home.

Overall it's been a very fun trip, I think tonight we are going to swim in the hotel pool and mess around. Probably keep the girls up late to get them back on Oregon time.

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