Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 3, Open House

We did errands today, picked up water, diapers, bibs, you know, stuff like that. I also got a monopod that doesn't suck. So that's nice. Also picked up the new "The Dark Knight" soundtrack and loaded it into my phone. Can you say Batman ringtones. Oh yeah.

I am hoping to see the movie (which opened Friday) either tomorrow night (depending on how I am feeling) or sometime Sunday. Probably in the morning when everyone is at church... muhahahaha.

My God the humidity sucks here. There was an open house at Jimmy's place this afternoon and I felt like Frosty the Snowman trapped in the greenhouse.

I took some shots, and basically hydrated and talked with relatives today.

We didn't do much else.

I set up a slide show of the rehearsal and people seemed to like it. If I don't get too cocky, this might just be OK.

Well, I have about a zillion things to get done tonight -- charging more batteries, clearing off memory cards and whatnot. Still nervous, but going to try to get more than four hours of sleep tonight and that will probably help.

I have yet to eat dinner, so I think I am going to forage for food.

Oh, the picture above is Violet at the open house eating chocolate cake.


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