Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Seven: Part II Packing

So we are packing things up and weighing our bags with a little travel scale we bought at home.

Since we purchased our tickets before April 5, we can have two checked bags each, that weigh 50 pounds each. We brought one bag each for a total of three. When we checked in at Portland, our bags were all around 48 pounds. Not leaving much room for purchases in Boston.

Tonight as we are packing and weighing, my bag again, weighs about 48 pounds -- mostly clothes and shoes and whatnot. But the two bags Cindy packed are considerably lighter. Anywhere from five to 10 pounds lighter, total.

She is scratching her head trying to figure out why we are lighter going back. When it hits me.

Cindy packed diapers and baby food (like we couldn't buy that stuff in Massachusetts). Obviously that stuff isn't coming back with us. :)

I also had her parents take my camera tripod and some gifts we bought back in their luggage. So no wonder we are lighter. This time around we are putting one of Violet's ladybug bags inside Cindy's big carry-on, to replace the extra set of clothes we had in there on the way out (in case our bags got lost).

I am sure this is all exciting stuff, but the food and diaper thing makes me laugh. I lugged around groceries with our luggage. Perfect. :)

I also called the airlines and our seats are together tomorrow. It should make the trip a little easier. Now all I have to do is get some sleep tonight and fight off the post-vacation blues.

Well, Cindy is talking about our strategy tomorrow, suppose I should pay attention.

The next update will be from home -- ah, my own bed and not having a tossing and turning 3-year-old kicking me in the ribs every hour.


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