Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home with the girls

I love this picture of Lilly, it almost seems like she is saying, "Yeah, yeah, Dad and his camera again. Jeez buddy, get a new hobby."

So today I am home with the girls and it's great. I made breakfast for everyone, including Cindy, and even ran a load of dishes.

I was going to go for a walk today, but there has been some drizzle and frankly, I'm still kinda tired. I am sure that when Cindy gets home tonight we will take a walk. So I think I will save it for then.

Talked with my editor and she said I could come in on Thursday and we have enough stories in reserve so I don't need to kill myself this week. Shaping up to be a pretty mellow week -- unless something major happens in Wilsonville I think I am off the hook for anything too stressful.

Violet wants me to play dress shop, which I try to resist as much as possible, because it involves dressing up tiny plastic action figure princesses in different dresses. Lilly is almost crawling, still moving backward, so I put her facing the opposite direction I want her to go.

For example, right now I am writing this, I want her to stay off our ceramic tile floor. I point her at the edge of the tile, and she scoots backward until she hits the couch with her feet. Slide her up and let her go again. :) I am evil.

I should start a load of laundry and make some work calls. Oh, and Sleeping Beauty needs a new dress.

I could get used to this.


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