Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day Five: Driving around the North Shore

Today we did our first try at doing the tourist thing. I am exhausted, but I want to make sure we don't spend our entire vacation sleeping -- so I am pushing on.

We drove up to Salem, Massachusetts, a little over an hour away from Milford, and I went through my first toll road ever. What a racket! $.70 one way for about a five mile trip. The highways wasn't even that much better than the other highways we traveled.

Anyway, Violet was convinced that witches were "princesses" and that all the mean stuff tickled. We took a small tour that gave a history lesson, and I hope we aren't going to pay with nightmares tonight. We walked around Salem, looking at old churches and exploring. We ate at a place called Rockafellas, which was excellent.

We then drove to Gloucester, where the Fisherman's Memorial is and it's also America's oldest seaport. Cindy stayed in the car with Lilly during my quick walk out to the sea wall and memorial -- I read "The Perfect Storm" and wanted to see it. Mission accomplished.

We then drove around the area, just exploring until the kids fell asleep, then Cindy came up front and we had a conversation that didn't include the words, "princess," "flower," "bunny," or "tarantula." (don't ask) for the first time since the trip started -- it was nice!

Another first was driving in a downpour and having the air conditioning on at the same time. For some reason, being from Oregon, when it rains, it's cool outside. Not 90 degrees. Jeez the weather here is nuts.

We got back to the hotel and did some swimming in the indoor pool -- no one was there so I even jumped in (I think we are far enough inland where I don't have to worry about whalers). The hot tub (without the jets on) was joyous for the girls and I, the big pool was pretty cold in the air conditioned room. Great memories were made of Violet jumping on me and Cindy wading around with Lilly in a blow-up raft thing.

Anyway, after showers and whatnot, room service it is. Overall a good day. A lot of driving, but it wasn't too bad. Tomorrow we are going to Cape Cod, might take a boat ride and explore again. I am feeling a little stressed because I want to finish up going through the wedding shots for Carrie, so I might talk Cindy into cutting the day short so I can finish up before we leave. You know that if I wait until we get home, it won't get done. :)

Here are a couple of photos from today.


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