Monday, July 21, 2008

Day Six: Plymouth Rock -- Closed

Today we visited our good friends The Kennedys! They are great, and Edward sends all his best.

Ok, Ok, Ok, we don't know the Kennedys, and in fact we almost got sued by one of their neighbors for running over there unleashed little rabid dog. After the close call we decided that Cape Cod wasn't for us.

Before we left, we did take a boat ride around Hyannis Harbor, saw all the sites and got sprayed with water. The photo of Cindy and Lilly is on the boat -- as Cindy put it, "It was a good day to not have hair."

After the boat ride, which everyone enjoyed, we ate at this little dockside restaurant and had seafood -- we are convinced it was out of a can. Then again, it could just be the Pacific Ocean's seafood kicks the Atlantic's butt. We left there, investigated where to go next, and found the JFK Memorial, tried to make a little dog road kill and finally settled on swinging in a park -- something we NEVER do at home. :) Enough of "The Cape."

One thing I have noticed is that my inner geek keeps saying "This isn't THE cape, it's just a cape." Mostly because to me, "THE CAPE" will always be Cape Canaveral -- where the space program is launched. So all these rich snobs can have their little cape with canned seafood, I will keep MY cape. Nerd 4 Life.

At that point it was time to jump in the car to look for Zooquarium, but after reading some online reviews -- I love my new Blackberry -- we opted to save the $40 and see some more of the cape. The kids were pretty fussy, and the driving was stop-and-go, so we made it as far as Orleans (right before the peninsula turns North) and turned around and headed for home.

Turns out that there have been some changes to the way people get to "The Cape," and the GPS was totally wrong. So we ended up near Plymouth, MA. We decided to see Plymouth rock and it was under construction. Really, it was, we have photos to prove it. Plymouth Rock is a hard hat area.

We saw the Mayflower II: The Wrath of Khan (little Star Trek humor there, sorry) but opted not to go aboard. We did, however, find ice cream. As we were sitting there, and cars were cruising down the street with stereos blasting, I was reminded of Cannon Beach. My God, they have taken the birthplace of our country and turned it into a place where teenagers are annoying. Sigh.

I didn't even get to see a Pilgrim -- I would have used my best John Wayne impression and said, "Hello there, Pilgrim." Because I am SURE they have never heard that one before.

Anyway, here are some photos of our adventures. Tomorrow we are trekking to Boston on the train, and then giving Cindy's parents all of our excess luggage to take home. Our last day here should be fun, and we will post pictures tomorrow night too.

OK, well I am off for the night, our activity director (Cindy) has some Boston research to do.


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