Saturday, May 03, 2008

SHHHHH, don't tell Cindy!

Hi, it's Saturday and Cindy, Violet and myself are all sick. Not horribly sick like earlier this week, but definitely under the weather.

Violet is nasally, Cindy is coughing and I am flat tired and stuffy. Lilly seems to be OK and weathering this illness thing well.

Some milestones this week: Lilly rolled over from her back to her stomach, then complained because she couldn't go back.
Violet has been running around actually counting things. Before she would count up to 20, but now she is counting specific items correctly. She did that a little before, but she is putting them together and it's fun to see.

Lilly continues to try to eat solid food, at least once a day or so. I am calling her "Bumblebee" because she is always trying to buzz around.

Anyway, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day, so I am hoping to get well so I can mow the lawn again and do some limited stuff outside.

Oh, and I want to see Iron Man, but I don't think it's in the cards this weekend.

If Cindy sees the picture above, this could be my last post -- as I will be dead. :)

OK, off to check on Bumblebee.


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Aaron said...

I think it's a great photo of your family, Pat. Sorry that most of you don't feel well. We battled that junk for months earlier this year. I gave it to Alex who gave it to Stefanie who gave it back to me and so on. Hope you get over it soon.