Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New washer and dryer

We have been using the same washer and dryer since we got married, nearly 13 years ago. We bought our original washer and dryer from a dent and ding place for $400.

Up until today, vice grips, screws sticking out of switches, tape and Post-It-Notes with directions have kept our washer and dryer operating. Every now and then the washer would barf soapy water all over the garage, and the dryer never turned off unless the door was open.

Oh, and the baby clothes we had to wash twice to three times to get clean.

Cindy decided that we needed a new washer and dryer, and so they came today. The only problem is this plug in the picture, won't fit in our outlet.

Hi Larry. I hope this picture gives you a good enough view of the plug to see if you have an outlet hanging around your house that will fit. Otherwise, off to Ace Hardware.

If it wasn't for Larry, nothing home improvement wise would get done around this place. There is a simple equation I live my life by:






"Daddy, you're silly."

"I hope I'm not in that picture, PATRICK!"

Oh, staying home is going to be fun.

Off to tuck people in bed.

Then Team Fortress 2 until I get tired.

See ya!


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Christina said...

I'm sure you've got this figured out now that its a couple days later, but I had the same problem when I moved into this house. Turns out what you need to do is replace the "tail" or the cord, rather than the outlet on the wall. Much cheaper than an electrician, and available at Home Depot.
Happy Drying!