Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dinner at home with the family

Here we have Violet at around 5 or 6 months old and Lilly today at around 4 months old. Some folks think they look the same... I personally think they look different. Violet looks like Tupac for one, and Lilly has a longer face. Yes, it's sick I am comparing them already, so I will stop now. :)

Tonight I came home and had dinner with the girls. I had a night thing I could have gone to, but with all the festivals this weekend we won't have room for the story, so I get the night off. Saturday will be a different story.

My brother is trying to talk me into getting a Wii, and while they are around $200 I don't think Cindy is going to go for it. Maybe I will bust out the Wii-fit argument (an exercise game).

So contact Cindy and tell her that she should buy her husband a Wii for Mother's Day -- since I am going to be a stay-at-home-Mo---dad.

Anyway, I gotta run, Cindy wants to know who Melissa is.


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