Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OK, so it isn't allergies

The one thing you learn when you have kids is that you are going to be sick. A lot. More than you thought possible.

Of course the old time moms (better known as grandmas and aunts) know this and don't tell you, until it's too late and you have two offspring running around.

Violet's favorite saying when she is sick is: "I have crunchies in my nose."

Which, besides being nasally, is also very cute.

Here is the illness scorecard for those of you keeping track at home.

Cindy: Level 2 sick (sore throat, nasal, grumpy... but she is always grumping being married to me and all...)
Violet: Level 1 sick (stuffed nose)
Pat: Level 2 sick (sour throat, nasal, grumply... and canceled as much as I could today to stay in bed. I still have a debate tonight with congressional candidates, so that should be fun)
Lilly: Not sick
Karen Marsh: Level 2,450,456 sick (been ill three weeks)
Tom Johnson: Death. (at least that's what he says every time he gets a cold)

Now I am off to bed, after I eat a Cold-EZE.

Did I mention I have crunchies in my nose?

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