Sunday, May 11, 2008

Urgent cares, hospitals and crying, OH MY!

Happy Mother's Day!

You know that cold that has been going around?

Lilly got the bonus package.

She was not doing well, crying non-stop and generally making us go crazy.

So Cindy took her to urgent care while I was at the Silverton Hospital Fun Run Saturday.

I came home, saw the van wasn't in the driveway and went over to urgent care. The doctor was worried about her breathing, since she had lung issues when she was born, and sent us up to Legacy Emmanuel in Portland (over by the Rose Garden Arena).

After the waiting room and everything the doctor told us Lilly has pink eye, bronchitis and an ear infection. They sent us home with a little respirator pump thing to give her medicine, eye drops and, of course, antibiotics.

No sleep for us for the next few days, sigh.

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Nicole Miller said...

Pat! This is Nicole Miller from Gates. I got a Google Alert that included your blog and read it with much sympathy. At our house, we're dealing with the same thing... pink eye, the deep cough, noses that won't stop, and on and on. It's a miserable one! Trying to get a doctor's appointment today.

So, did I understand correctly that you will no longer be working for our local newspaper? We'll miss you! I like the choice you made, though... your kids come first! You sound like a great dad. They sure are lucky to have you!

Hope your family recovers soon from the bug...