Sunday, December 07, 2008

Couple of thougths

Yes I know there haven't been updates lately. I have been busy with work and we were putting together the calendar for this year.

Everyone said with the second child we wouldn't take as many photos as we did with Violet. I call B.S. In fact, I think we took more! So there!

Anyway, we plowed through 12 months of photos and the calendars, and Christmas letters, will be going out shortly. That's you Christmas gift, so I hope I didn't ruin it for you.

Pretty soon and Cindy is on vacation for a couple of weeks, so that will be nice. I am finding a nice pace at work, so things are getting a bit easier. There is a big land use issue going on in Wilsonville that I am following that should wind down mid-December and then I will really be able to plan my work week.

Anyway, lately I have been not playing any video games. Not a one. This is from a self-proclaimed gamer -- and I have been going through withdrawls. No Madden football. No Half-Life 2. No Team Fortress 2. Nothing.

One day I just woke up and realized that I was spending a lot of money for a computer to play video games, when it would be cheaper to buy a gaming system. Only problem, I could convince Cindy (the boss) that a computer was useful and therefor I needed to have one. Gaming system, that's something that can be put off, and put off, and put off.

So when the hard drive died in my desktop computer, gaming stopped for me. I have been reading and whatnot. I can't complain because I have a laptop to do work and surf and e-mail, but it just doesn't have the umph to do games. I guess in the end it is better that I give up my games, but dang, I miss em.

But then came the Guitar Hero ads. That game looks so stinking fun...

Oh and here is the new Ghostbusters game coming out in June.

All I have to say about this gaming hiatus is this: When our house is attacked by aliens, terrorists, or ghosts I am not going to be responsible because I am out of practice using BFGs, MP5s, and proton packs.

That's all.


Calendars should be in the mail this week. Photos of kids will be posted this week too.


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