Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleep? What's that?


Lilly was up again very early -- 3:30 I think. Cindy has been a stud and has been taking care of her the last few nights.

I think Sunday I am going to pull and all-nighter so Cindy can get some rest.

Problem with leaving Lilly in her crib to cry is that it wakes up the whole house... that girl has some lungs!

She is fine, just doesn't want to sleep by herself. Hopefully we can break this habit at some point.

Trying to make an over-tired 4 year old understand what is up is fun too.

Not complaining, both kids are very precious, just wish there was more sleep for Cindy.

Well, back to bed I think. If you want to test your marriage, go to bed at midnight and wake up at three. :) So far, Cindy and I get an A.


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