Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, we had a great Christmas morning. It started with brunch -- I made this potato casserole thing (we call them Fun Potatoes from their original Funeral Potatoes name), I cooked sausage, bacon and made (EDIT -- thanks Melissa!!!) eggs to order. Cindy made fruit salad, cheesecake and this egg bake thing with vegetables in it.

After eating we opened presents -- mostly for the girls -- and had a fun time. Violet is having a hard time learning how to share, but otherwise it was a good morning. Violet got a bunch of dresses and clothes (I will post photos as I get them) and Lilly got very loud toys that I am sure I am going to be turning off or taking batteries out of the minute my in-laws leave. :)

I took some movies and I will post those as I go through them. Probably over the weekend.

Next up, Johnson family Christmas, sometime this weekend.



Melissa said...

What, pray tell, are "people eggs"?

Patrick Johnson said...

Well, for starters, it's bad English. :)

Melissa said...

Aw, I thought it was going to be another recipe like "fun potatoes" with a story behind it. This cracked me up!

My mom visited this week and I always give her a tour of my friends' blogs, so we spent some time oohing and ahhing over how cute and funny your daughters are. And I read aloud some entries I find funny (like the one about you and Lilly staying home from church. Hilarious!).