Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lilly turns 1!!

Today, during the snow storm of the decade, Lilly turned 1.

I'm not sure if that's supposed to be an omen, or what -- she is a active little cuss -- but I like snow, so I really like Lilly.

She gets the joke. The kid always is quick to giggle and laugh, just like me. Even for no reason, sometimes she will just point and giggle. Out of the blue. Kind of like me.

The world needs more happy people, so you are welcome. :)

Today we had chocolate cake, as you can see by the aftermath in the photo, and more pictures are in the slide show.

Violet and I also fixed the snowman, again. The snow today was way too dry to really do much. The plan was to start over, but after trying to make a snowball and having no luck, I determined we should just reduce, reuse and recycle (sorry, too much Bob the Builder lately).

I will put those photos up tomorrow, with a video. Heck, I might do it later tonight, but I want Lilly to have her moment in the sun... it is her birthday today. :)


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