Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowman III: Snow harder

Today the A-team went out to build a proper snowman.

Snowman 1 earlier this week, leaned until he almost melted.
Snowman 2 fell backward before I even got home from work on Friday.
Snowman 3, today was build by recycling parts of Snowman 1 and 2, and fortified with additional snow and tonight, freezing rain. He is going to be encased in ice.

We shot this video with our big videocamera because we lost our little one. It's somewhere, but we don't know where.

Anyway, enjoy and we are hoping the power doesn't go out tonight. If it does, we are burning the Christmas tree in the woodstove.

(Don't worry, I bought wood a week ago with fire logs -- don't tell Larry).


Here is my little snow angel:

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