Monday, December 22, 2008

We three kings have traveled so far

Today I went to work. No, not in Wilsonville, in Canby -- they closed the Boone Bridge (the only way to get to my work without a 30+ mile detour) this morning. On Monday they lay out the pages and write last-minute news. So that's what I did, because I figured I wasn't going to make it to Wilsonville this week.

Right now, we have about a foot of snow in the yard, roads and on top of the cars. My day started out by digging out the car. It had about 5 inches of snow, then 1/2 inch of ice and then another 5 inches of snow. The sidewalk I shoveled off yesterday was completely covered with snow again.

So off I went to work, and I get there barely, because the car doesn't have enough clearance and I am like a snow plow. I park and the guy at Canby Pub and Grill yells that I can't park in front of his business (even though it's 2 hour parking). We get into it pretty good, but then I decided that he might complain to my boss' boss, so I moved the car to the back. I will not eat there again, the guy was rude, if he had been cool, no problem, but be a dork, and that's it. I also am telling everyone I know not to eat there, not like the food is that good anyway.

Of course I fell down running errands around downtown Canby. I'm a spazz, I would expect at least one faceplant.

After a few hours of work, and depositing checks and picking up meat from a local butcher, I went out to get back in the car and it was burried again. I was smart and brought a shovel with me. I started digging, tried to move it, got stuck, then dug again. Once I got away from the curb it was fine. I got about halfway home, and I had to stop again because I was stuck. I broke out the shovel again, and sure enough, fell on my face. At least I didn't fall on the shovel.

I get home and make the run up the driveway (very short) and get stuck halfway. Now the trunk is sticking in the sidewalk, but I can't go forward or backward. So we are stranded at home until this snow melts. Well, at least some of it.

Now for my venting. A year and a half ago, Cindy and I were looking at vehicles because we were having Lilly. I wanted an SUV, like a Toyota Highlander or FJ or a Dodge Durango. Four wheel drive for the winter and good safety ratings. When the gas crunch hit this summer, I was glad we got the van -- it gets about 21 mpg and the 4X4s I wanted were around 19. But this week I am regretting getting the van. The van doesn't even have traction control, which sucks. So during this type of weather it's pretty much parked. I suppose we could put chains on it, it's front-wheel drive.

The car we have has traction control, ABS and is pretty good in the snow (when it's not a foot deep on the road).

Anyway, I wish we would have gotten the SUV, but this is a 50-year storm from what they are saying on TV, so who knows.

Well, I should run, Lilly is in a mood.

Dang, after two wipeouts on the ice, I am going to be sore tomorrow. I think it's Tylenol time. What happened to the days of diving into the snow and not even feeling it?


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