Sunday, December 28, 2008

Johnson family Christmas delayed

Spend a bunch of money on clothes, toys and food and the most exciting present for Violet?
A 99-cent stuffed blue mermaid -- made in China. Figures. So I will let you guess what I got her for the Johnson Christmas next week.... the green mermaid. :)

There is a headache and flu stuff going around,according to my mother. My dad seems to have caught the creeping crud, so Johnson Christmas (or Zoo Christmas) has been canceled until New Years Day.

Tomorrow, Monday, I am going to have a late night due to a council meeting and story to write the same evening. I am going to love it -- as I always do writing on deadline. I like the daily deadlines but not the stress of the daily grind. A true love/hate relationship there.

Violet and Cindy went to church today, while I stayed home with Lilly. What always happens is that I get Lilly at church and then I take her to the nursery. She is too small to run around by herself, because of the monster 2 year olds running the place. So I try to take her into the little infant room, where, of course, there are 23 breast feeding mothers. I always end up wandering the halls with a sleeping Lilly on my shoulder. Good exercise, but if I'm not going to hear a sermon, I may as well stay home and watch Daystar on TV.

The Marshes came over today after church and that was fun. It's always good seeing Dwight. The guy is getting three master degrees, a couple at the expense of the Federal government -- not a bad gig if you can get it. Today I learned that 1 isn't a prime number. Not sure how I will ever use that information, but now I know.

The last three days I have had a pretty bad headache at the base of my skull. Not sure if it's related to my snow-day spills, or if my pea brain got stuck somewhere back there. :) It gets pretty intense and feels like a migraine, although I never usually get those. I'm pretty sure it isn't sinuses and I am thinking it may be stress related. Not sure what I am stressed about -- good job, great kids, wonderful wife, and bright future. Hmmm.

With any luck I will get busy at work again and it will just fade away. Who knows.


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