Sunday, September 07, 2008

88 miles per hour

Lilly is crawling so fast now she has fire behind her like the Delorean in Back to the Future.

See the similarities? I know!

Violet has taken to making very cute statements. This weekend was no exception.

  1. After feeding her baby doll, Violet held the fake bottle in the air, looked at it and stated, "She ate two miles."
  2. The neighbor's dog has been getting into our backyard because our back fence is pretty ratty. I went out to chase it out before work Friday and stepped right in dog poop. I threw up my hands and yelled, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Violet, all weekend, has taken to informing, well, everyone that "Daddy stepped in dog poop!" I can't wait for school tomorrow.
  3. Violet also decided that she was a mermaid tonight while taking a bath, and started "swimming." After this post I am looking for a water pump for the excess water we have in the bathroom floor.
I also had a pretty good weekend. I started off the weekend thinking that I would try to replace the garbage disposal. How hard could it be?

When it first died back in December I suggested that we call a plumber, something Cindy was very much against. She fixed the leak in December by going to Ace Hardware and having an old guy give her advice.

So this weekend was my turn. The disposal finally died about two months ago, and we had about five or six Home Depot cards floating around the house from Christmas and whatnot. So I asked Larry and my dad about it, and then went to work.

Of course the people at Home Depot had no clue (I talked to two guys whose combined age was about 7). But the thing came with directions, so I figured if nothing else, the experience would be a good blog post.

Here is what I did:

1. Removing the disposal was pretty easy, I left the existing hardware connected to the sink and just disconnected the disposal, plumbing and unplugged it (yes, I did that first).

2. Took the old disposal to Home Depot with me to make sure it was roughly the same size as the new one (I learned later it really didn't matter, but hey, I'm a rookie).

3. Wired the new one. Yes, you read that right. I wired. Like with black tape and stuff. Of course I called my dad twice for advice (he helped wire 747s back in the day), but I had to connect a wall plug to it. Not too bad. I even have splinters of wiring stuck in my hands to prove it. I am tough, don't worry about me.

4. Tried to lift the new disposal (I am thinking about 30 pounds but not sure) while lining up three tabs to the old connector. This is where things got, well, profane. Good thing Violet was napping, because I sounded like a sailor. Finally Cindy (and Lilly) came down and she lined up and connected while I held the disposal in place. I don't know how people would do that by themselves -- blocks maybe to hold up the disposal?

5. Plumb. Yes, the old plumbing fixtures wouldn't work. My pipe was too short (story of my life). So I went to Ace Hardware where they helped me out. Great guys, and from now on I am going there first. Anyway, I had to trim one of the pipes they gave me -- it was plastic and I needed a saw. Of course all I could find was a Christmas tree saw. I was going back to Ace when I saw that my old buddy "Moocher" had just pulled in at home so I borrowed a saw, and cut it right at his house. Came home, tightened everything up and Boom! Done.

I am so good that it doesn't leak (it always has) and when the dishwasher drains it used to back up into the sink a little -- it doesn't do that either! That's right, call me Bob Villa.

Maybe not, it did take me all day.

Next weekend I think I will add an office to the back of the house. :)

That project was pretty much my entire Saturday, and today I watched football, did laundry and made the girls a nice breakfast. Tomorrow I am looking forward to not working and getting to watch the Raider game. I don't know what I am going to do while Violet is at school, I am sure I will find something to do to kill two and a half hours with Lilly. Maybe have her crawl in grass or something. I don't know.

Anyway, off to bed.


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