Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Creepy Crawly First Day of School

Today was pretty fun. Violet started school again -- we are sending her four days a week to see how that works out -- and Lilly started really crawling.

Lilly is very different from Violet in that she is way more vocal about what she does and doesn't want. Today I had to put her down on the floor several times to get Violet ready for school. I put her on the carpet with some toys and then got Violet dressed and packed and whatnot. She was right down the hall where I could see her. I turn, look over, and Lilly has crawled half-way down the hall, complaining the entire way.

So tonight, when Cindy got home, I conducted a little experiment. We put Lilly in her spot, in the sitting area, and then went to the living room and waited. Violet would run over and check on her and play, but sure enough, little Lilly crawled almost all the way to the living room. Here is the video proof -- with me breathing hard after running to get the camera.

Pretty soon Lilly is going to be running around... god help us.


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