Saturday, September 13, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I got sideways at work, and my schedule has been kind of nuts. So much so I haven't had time to do new photos or movies. I was going through our family laptop, and found this movie of Violet from Aug. 5, 2005. I love her hair!

Next week I will try to do more video and photos of the kids.

Today we cleaned out the freezer, defrosted it, and I got to chisel ice out of it. Pretty fun, but I was leaning all the way down in the freezer too long (we have a chest deep freeze) so I tweaked my back a bit. Nothing a few Advil won't help.

Well, off to the store.


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Melissa said...

Oh, my gosh, couldn't you just listen to that giggle all day? So she was a year old there? Wow. I love how she keeps looking towards you (or whomever was running the camera). Fun, fun clip.