Thursday, September 04, 2008

Been busy

As most of you know, the end of the week is way more busy for us than the start of the week -- with me working Thursdays and Fridays (and sometimes Wednesdays).

Violet survived her first week of school and her birthday. Having her go four days a week has me driving from Canby to Sherwood two to three times a week, which is a little crazy. But it's the first week, so I am going to give it time before I start saying we should only have her in two days a week like normal kids.

Lilly has really started crawling and it's going to get crazy around here when she is fully mobile. At this point if you walk around a corner, she will follow you, slowly, but she still puts her mind to it and she is off.

This weekend we are hoping to do some fun stuff, recharge the batteries and maybe even do some work around the house. We have a dog from the house behind us who keeps going through the fence into our back yard and chasing the birds. He is a bird dog afterall. :) So I will probably go out and see if I can't smash my thumb with a hammer.

Oh and today I went to the doctor. Last night I was putting the kid's fingernail clippers away when I saw the child-safe Q-tips. I decided it was time to clean my ears. So I crammed one of them in my ear and didn't think much of it. This morning I woke up and my ear was bleeding.

After consulting Cindy -- who swore up and down she didn't put one of those ear creatures in my ear from Star Trek II -- and my boss, I decided to go to the doctor. WARNING: Do not play the movie unless...

A. You understand Spanish (German?)?
B. You don't mind weird things going in people's ears.

So I swung by my doctor's office this afternoon. His advice? Don't put things in your ear.

I am going to live and my brains aren't leaking out -- not that I have so many brains they are under pressure and would leak out anyway. I just scratched my ear canal.

OK, well, off to watch John McCain's speech. I need that TV they talk in front of...

I promise to put up more videos and pictures this weekend of the kids. No time.

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