Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wurstfest fun

IMG_4709, originally uploaded by Canby Chacal.

So I got to go to Wurstfest Saturday to do a freelance gig. Had some OK shots, but the Statesman sent out a "real" photographer. My photos didn't show up in print.

Covering festivals is fun and easy, but sometimes the coordinating between Silverton and Salem gets a little tricky. I am the one that ends up wasting my time. Oh well, I still had the story appear, so I guess it's OK.

Here is one of the shots I had. I might put more on Flickr, if anyone cares. :)

Busy week for both Cindy and I, so the blog is probably going to be kind of slow until this weekend. We are getting a plan of how to start fixing up the house to move. I think this weekend we might start taking down cabinet doors and sanding them.

With the kids it's like planning a army invasion. I think I will do the sanding work, and Cindy will watch the kids. I get them most of the week normally (not this week), so it will give her a chance to mess around with them.

Well, I am off to a meeting and drop Violet off to school. Jen is here today babysitting and without her and our parents I wouldn't be able to work... so I am so thankful!!!

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