Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine production line

Violet is in two preschool classes, since her birthday is two days after the cutoff. So, while some kids go to preschool two days a week, Violet goes threes. Twice a week to the twos and threes (the class she is supposed to be in) and one day in the fours preschool. We thought it would be better to give her some extra class time because we want her to be smart like her mother, and not a slacker like her pa.

Anyway, this means that we get twice the activities that other parents do. Take Valentine's Day for example. We have two classes to do valentines for. Not a big deal, but during those times we set up a production line, with Violet writing her name (yes, she can write her name by herself!) and Cindy stuffing and me taping and putting stickers on the outside of the valentines.

While we were doing our little sweatshop in the name of love, I continued to notice that the new Disney princesses are "hoochie mamas" and the old school princesses are more classy and covered up. Just five years ago I would have been all about the Jasmine, but as a father, I like Snow White more and more. Don't get me started on the new Tinkerbell stuff...

Tonight as we were separating girls from boys in her class (girls got Tinkerbell, boys got Cars valentines) Violet said, "I like boys."

Oh NO!

So it begins...

Know where I can get a shotgun cheap. I saw on "Burn Notice" they make slugs with water that are non-lethal. That's good for a starter....

Pat (sneeze)

Still haven't found my dang keys. Any ideas?

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