Sunday, January 11, 2009

OK I promise

Tell you what guys, I promise I will take some video tomorrow of more Lilly walking. Then I will post it to the blog. The current Lilly walking video reminds me of this:

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, they showed this movie on KPTV (Channel 12) about Bigfoot. I think it was a "In Search Of..." with Leonard Nimoy narrating. Anyway, during this very scary show (for a little kid) there was a re-enactment of a logging cabin in Oregon that was ATTACKED! by Big Foot. Three loggers ran for their lives when Big Foot reached through a window to get at them.

EDIT I found the video on YouTube! I love YouTube!

We lived in the woods. I slept under a window. I walked (with my little brother) about a mile home in the afternoons from a bus stop (we could ride it over the hill, but it took an hour). Each of these facts made me a very nervous little boy.

Anyway, to this day Big Foot scares me. I am all nervous now just writing this.

OK, off to bed.

No, I haven't been drinking.


P.S. Day 11 with no Coke and no sweets (cookies, candy, ice cream, cake, donuts, danish or milkshakes) Cindy has cheated twice (that I know of, she is a sneaky one). I think in a week I am going to start working on my diet -- more vegetables, fruit -- and also hitting the eliptical more.

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