Saturday, April 26, 2008


I visited the planet Dagobah today.

You know, our backyard.

Violet is an evil little cuss. She watched me through the window take down our lawn with a machete and weed eater and wouldn't wave back. When I frowned she laughed.


OK, so I didn't have to Indiana Jones the back lawn, I just had to mow it twice. After the neighbor helped me get the lawn mower started -- we didn't have the right tool to get the spark plug out of the mower.

So the lawn is mowed and I did some limited pruning and filled the yard debris bin. My work is done here, for now.

I think when I start staying home, my focus is going to be on getting in shape (other than a small moon -- that's no moon, it's a space station!) and making sure the yard is at least on par with the neighbors.

Well, off to get a haircut, wash the car and then take the tribe to the store.

Oh and we might try painting Lilly with solid food again tomorrow.


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