Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm going to miss Silverton

Ok, for the family, here is a new picture of Lilly, I have to be careful and get a picture of Violet up or she is going to think I am playing favorites! I have to keep doing this or "The Aunts" send me e-mails about how I never update the site.

Today this post is for me.

I am just growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that I am good at my job, but I have to stay home to watch the girls. Don't get me wrong, I am not upset at the prospect of staying home and parenting my daughters, I am going to love that.

What is frustrating is that I really like what I do, well most of it. I could do without the ambulance chasing and hyper-competitive nature of the news biz, but I enjoy going to city council meetings an writing about public policy in a way I think is easy to understand. I also think I am fairly good at it.

I have no dreams of working for the New York Times or Oregonian, I like small town politics and the issues they face. It's something I probably won't get to write about as a freelance writer, I will be assigned the different festivals and weekend faire that I written about for the last five years and am bored of.

So that's why I am frustrated. I suppose I could start a local Canby blog about the doings at the city council meetings and whatnot, but it isn't newspaper and who knows if there is an audience for that.

Anyway, my last day at the Silverton Appeal Tribune and Statesman Journal is June 2. Then I guess it's off to the weekend festival beat. I will miss public policy discussion and reporting. Maybe when the girls get into school, in a couple of years, I can get back into it.

Well, Lilly is waking up...


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Anonymous said...

That is the best picture so far, thanks for all the new picture and updates...love, auntie Jan