Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi, I'm retired again

C'mon, you know Lilly is thinking:

"Please God don't let this 3-year-old pop my head off -- there is a reason she has the evil grin..."

I'm not supposed to say anything for a bit, but I figure who sees this anyway, right?

Today I quit my job. June 2 is my last day and I am going to take care of the kids. Couple of reasons we did this again.
1. The taxes were killing us. Two-thirds of my pay was going to taxes, which is stupid. When I free-lanced I brought home more and worked less and had tax deductions.
2. The burden on our family and friends to watch the kids was just crazy. Each week there was something, people getting sick, having to work more than they expected and I hate putting other people out. Now we won't, as much. :)
3. With Cindy's job taking off, she needs to be at work, not staying at home watching kids when people can't babysit. Too often I would run off to chase a story and we would keep Cindy home (whose job we NEED).
4. I miss the kids. :)
5. Did I mention I miss the kids?
6. I would have gone part time, but both my boss and I didn't think that would happen. So I offered to do some freelance when he wanted.

Anyway, so the blog should get updated a bit more. This summer I want to have weekly adventures with the kids, so we will update the blog with photos and whatnot.

Well, I am off to find something for dinner.



Aaron said...

Congratulations, Pat!

Christina said...

I'm happy for you!

Sheldon said...

In my best Jenny (from Forrest Gump) voice.
"Run Pat Run"...
I'm gonna miss having you around buddy!!