Friday, December 28, 2007

Thankful for moms

Top: Cindy holding Lilly on the day of the delivery. You can see how yellow Lilly has turned if you look at both pictures. I did lighten up the photo with my Mom a little, as I didn't want to use flash with her sleeping.

The bottom picture is today when my Mom came over and watched Lilly.

It's amazing, I hold the child and she screams and complains and wiggles all over. My mom or Cindy holds her and she falls asleep like a little angel.

My theory is that most of her doctors have been men, so she probably thinks I am going to poke or prod her.

Cindy and her dad set up the light today, and we are going to use it tonight, as soon as I figure out how to secure it.

We got a late start on the doctor run -- day three of doctors -- and found out late this evening that her biliruben levels are down to 16.5. The doc gave us some options, including taking her off breast milk for formula only, for the weekend. Lilly goes in Monday for yet another doctor visit. The doctor did say that she isn't overly concerned about the numbers at this point.

Cindy is still on pain medication so I am still driving her around. I may even make a run to Whole Foods tonight to see what formula options they have. You know, healthier than the free stuff we got from the hospital.

Cindy got four hours of sleep last night and then another three hours this afternoon, so I am hoping she gets more tonight. She is healing up well and making a good recovery. I ended up with about five hours of sleep last night, and I didn't take a nap today because I really want to try to get a full night's sleep tonight.


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