Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Still fighting Billiruben

This is a sleep-deprived Pat and Lilly on Christmas eve morning at the hospital. As we update this page we will include more photos -- I am trying to do a post a day.

Christmas eve was insane. We had a bunch of family coming over for Christmas (mostly inlaws) and so I was trying to get the house presentable and then I go out to the garage and one of our cats is acting very strange.

Took it to the emergency vet clinic at 11 p.m. at night and had to put it down. It was Shofar, the gray cat no one could catch or pet, so it wasn't a big emotional loss, but more of another thing to deal with.

We had a crazy Christmas and Lilly's jaundice is still an issue. Things get a little more tricky with two kids, but so far Violet has been a very, very good girl.

Today we took Lilly to the doctor, and were told that A. Cindy's blood pressure is perfect and that she is a bit anemic. Also, Lilly continues to fight jaundice. They did a blood test today and the results weren't good.

We came home and her billiruben score was 13. The first blood test we did Christmas morning at the hospital (we went back just for a quick visit to get the test) was 15. Today she is up to 17. The doctor said that she starts taking major action around 20 -- babies can get brain damage at 25.

So tonight we were told that Lilly had to start drinking formula after feeding with Cindy -- something Cindy and I aren't too crazy about.

Of course after the formula Lilly started spitting up, something she hasn't done to this point, and I am freaked out about her choking in the night. Last night she fell asleep with Cindy in our bed and I ended up sleeping on the couch.

Tomorrow we are back to the doctor for a blood test and check up. With Cindy on drugs and me being the only person able to lift, we are both pretty strung out and emotional.

Oh and my white car is dead, I think the battery needs to be changed out. Of course its the only car I have with studded snow tires, and it's supposed to snow tomorrow and I have to take my sister-in-law and her boyfriend to the airport tomorrow at 4:30 a.m.

I went out to change the battery today, bashed my knuckles and threw a wrench down the street, so I gave up and figured that if it's too bad tomorrow, they can take a cab. Or I will jump the white car.

Anyway, I am off to bed, early morning.


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