Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue Light Special

This is Lilly under the "Billy Light."

It's very blue. She goes in looking like Marge Simpson, comes out looking normal.

I got to hold Lilly tonight for about 30 minutes and she was sleeping and hooked up to the monitors and was perfect. Had 99 percent oxygen saturation and 35-40 respiration rate. The nurse joked it was probably better than mine!

Anyway, she is staying under the light tonight in between feedings and then gets a blood test to make sure the Jaundice is gone.

So we most likely are going home Christmas eve day -- a day late -- and we might have more doctors appointments after Christmas to make sure she is, oh, you know, breathing.

I am going home tonight to get some sleep and be rested for when I drive my two girls home.

7:04 p.m. Sunday

P.S. I missed all the football games today -- and didn't even notice. The power of baby!

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Anonymous said...

I missed the games too...the power of rotten colds! auntie Jan