Saturday, December 29, 2007

A normal day

Lilly still looks like a character on The Simpson's, but there is some good news. They way I understand it, jaundice starts at the head and works down the body. So if you look at her hands, you can see they look normal, so that's good news. Right?

I may be jinxing myself, but today it's 2:25 p.m. and so far, no major issues or drama or even problems. Heck the kids are even behaving today.

Cindy, the dreamboat that she is, let me sleep for 10 hours last night. Yes 10!

Cindy herself got 5, and is going to take a nap now. Her dad is coming over and I am helping him with some photos for my brother-in-law's wedding reception tomorrow. He was married a year ago in New Jersey and this is the first time he has been back to have the reception here.

We are waiting to see what the weather does, because if it snows tonight, we won't be driving up to Oregon City.

Today, no doctor appointments, no blood draws, just hanging out getting used to having two kids. So far, not too bad. Violet is handling it very well.

Today Violet and I sang "Big Poppa" (the Dad version) and danced a little. That's her "putting her hands in the air because she's a true player (with dolls that is)."

Lilly is still orange and tired. Hopefully she will get better soon. We realized we hadn't gotten the mail in more than a week, so I took the van over there and backed it up. I can't believe how much junk mail you get.

Anyway, the girls are asleep, I have nothing to do, so I am playing Madden until Cindy's dad get's here! No way! Free time!


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