Monday, June 16, 2008

I wonder how much space I have on here

I can post videos now from a little point and shoot Kodak we bought about three years ago (for busstop freelance).

My only question is how much space is on the blog or do I have to host them off site at You Tube or something...

I figure I will just keep posting until it doesn't let me anymore. This being a free service and all, I will just wait until it fills up.

Anyway, Mondays are home with the kids, until Cindy gets home, then off to my first Wilsonville City Council meeting. Should, according to their schedule be done around 9 p.m. -- not too bad. I should still be able to see Cindy tonight.

Tuesday I have nothing scheduled, so depending on the weather I may go do some stuff with the kids.

Here's today's video, I took this morning. Lilly is VERY close to crawling...

Oh and so this morning I am helping Violet wash her hands after going to the bathroom by herself. Her princess soap dispenser won't work and I am turning the little plunger nozzle and trying to get soap out of it.

I have the nozzle pointing straight up, and being a guy, I force it. Plunger gives, and soap shoots straight up int he air, landing on my head and shirt.

Violet starts laughing so hard she is crying.

"Daddy your silly!"

Yup, Mr. Mechanic, that's me.

Anyway, back to making sure Violet isn't feeding her princess action figures to Lilly.


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