Saturday, June 28, 2008

A hot day in air conditioning

Today was a day of staying out of the heat. We went to the store this morning, did laundry and basically hung out at home.
The plan was to have some people over tonight, but one got sick and the other couple didn't call us (she is pregnant and probably very uncomfortable) so it was just kind of a lazy, do stuff around the house kind of day.

Turns out that this will be the first time in my newspaper career where I am working for a paper and don't have to work on July 4. Sweet. We are going to have a family barbecue and might attend the General Canby Day Parade (which one of my former co-worker's used to call the "Rape and pillage indians" day).

Here is a movie a shot this afternoon, Cindy playing with the girls.

Well dinner time, and I am sure the laundry needs to be changed.

Heat Pump was the best money I ever spent ... 100-degrees outside and I am going to put on some long pants!

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