Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh no! THAT'S my dad?!

Lilly is starting to feel better. She is less yellow and even the whites of her eyes are kinda white now instead of yellow.

Today Violet started preschool, and it was pretty cool seeing her play with the other kids and do the school thing. She talked and talked about it this afternoon.

We also brought out the big guns for the potty training for Violet. We have tried the positive feedback, the jellybean for every time she goes and even beatings. OK, OK, Cindy won't let me beat her.

We went to Target and got a bunch of stuff, namely a bunch of princess action figure things from Disney -- Violet LOVES Disney princesses. She wants them. But we have them in the bathroom, in their packaging, and if she goes potty for an entire day, she gets one princess.

Now we are hitting her where she lives. She sat in the bathroom this evening for 20 minutes just staring at them, and even came and got me once saying she had to go to the bathroom. Could this possibly work?

Tomorrow I am easing back into work in the afternoon and Lilly has a doctor appointment in the morning.

Will update you tomorrow night.

Happy now, mom?


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