Saturday, January 05, 2008

Buried under laundry

OK, so when Violet was born I was prepared for the amount of laundry that was going to be created. I had pretty much reserved myself to do at least five extra loads of laundry a week due to the burp ups, blow outs and general accidents.

With Violet and now Lilly the laundry loads have increased exponentially. It's like we never stop doing laundry.

Cindy and I bought a dented and dinged washing machine and dryer when we were first married. They work pretty good, but the dials don't fit quite right and the dryer never turns off, so we run around with an egg time to make sure we don't shrink our clothes. I think we are going to start saving for an industrial washer and dryer.

Well today I am looking at the Mount Everest of laundry. Cindy went over to her folks with the kids, and my job today is to keep laundry going. I also have a story to write for work. Plus the NFL playoffs start today.

The picture above is Violet trying to have daddy take a picture of her instead of Lilly -- but I thought I would zoom out and try to get both. It's a little dark because I didn't want to flash a sleeping baby, but I like the photo, regardless of the shadows.

Lilly went to the doctor Friday and her weight is up to 7 pounds 13 ounces -- 1 ounce over birth weight. That's excellent news. She is more alert and is kinda gassy, but nothing we haven't dealt with before when Violet was her age.

I may update this again today after the girls get home.

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